Ballyfermot Play and Skate Park
Team : Relational Urbanism
1st prize, currently under tender process

The design methodology manages to include both the ecological aspects of the context as well as views  from the community.

The site is located in the northwest of Le Fanu Park. The proposal tries to compact the leisure offer in the upper area and create a certain critical mass of activity around the bmx-skate park of around. This shall provide the ground for a certain interaction between activities as well as round the clock cross surveyance from different age groups within the park. The main entrance to the park is through a plaza situated near the Intersection of Le Fanu and Blackditch Roads. This public space invites users to enter the park and choose between the various activity / age circuits within the park. 

The path system includes connections open 24/7 allowing passage through to the football pitches and further to Cherry Orchard directly. The rest of the paths within the site are meant to provide  different users experiences and also tie with the existing circulation towards the south. 

A core component of the design concept is the development of forms of interaction both with the landscape and betweendifferent age groups. Small topographies and grassed buffers keep small children within parental control and also generate a distance with activities of older users while allowing visual interaction.Toddlers activities are located near the entrance. Picnic and seating areas are provided so that families can stay united while observing their babies. BMX and skating activities are located at the west of the site in the highest possible area. The bowls present a diversity of spaces to perform  different tricks. They conform a continuous space where the use can travel through the park.