The main objective of this diploma project is the presentation of the occult character of the region as well as the disclosure of the quantities that strengthen the particularity of this character through spatial and landscape interventions. These interventions provide the area with informative, educational and therapeutic uses and activities via an experiential mode of rapprochement. The visitor gaining entry to the premises of the lake is transported away from the feverish rhythms of the city to a more spiritual world, where he comes into closer contact with nature through his wandering into the landscape. There are experiential spatial units in each one of which the boundary that surrounds man changes, shaping its relationship with the landscape. The observation of the landscape led to an identification of some characteristic oppositions that are dominant in the area such as light-darkness, transparency-reflectivity and disengagement from the ground-plunge under the ground.

These oppositions along with their intermediate states operate as an inspiration for the design process in order to create different qualities of space. A key element of our proposal is to diversify the character of the lake from the character of the waterfront and enhance the natural elements of the lake area through various activities. The main design principle includes small and larger scale operations embedded to the conceivable axes of the landscape trying to define  alternative routes, which highlight the landscape and in the same time site functions and uses without affecting it.

diploma project
Discovering topography
experiencing Vouliagmeni lake