Museum of Underwater Antiquities
Team : AETER architects
2nd Honorable mention

The key aim of the competition is to create a museum unique in Greece that is designed to highlight the underwater antiquities, as well as, to redefine the relation of the port to the wider urban space. The “section” applied along the building enhances the operation of the silo by imparting them an architectural substance. The result of this procedure is the creation of a vast central space that summons the visitors to reach the “heart” of the specific industrial architecture. Would it be an Atrium? A Fissure? A Rift ?A Bottom? The interpretation rests with the spectator, his sensitivity and fears, his subconscious or his logic.What lies beyond the coastline is decomposed and is either converted into an underwater park or a sloping square ideal for various artistic events. Thus, the silo tends to become the hub of this specific segment of the cultural coast of Piraeus, with the result that all roads lead to it.